Hi there, I’m Art Kreimer 👋

I build products and solve problems using AI/ML. Currently serving as a Product Lead, Data & AI at Scotiabank Canada, focusing on the development of AI-powered features for Scotia digital applications.

Beyond my primary role, I enjoy sharing my experience and assisting fellow product managers in expanding their knowledge and honing their skills.

Want to know more about me? Chat with my personal ResumeGPT ChatBot or reach out and follow me on LinkedIn.

Featured Post

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Building advanced informational chatbot using foundational LLM and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use Langchain, Vector DB, GPT-3.5, and Streamlit to create an advanced informational chatbot.

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Posts on Product Management

PM role in the next decade

6 ways the role of a product manager is going to change in the next decade

Discover the critical ways the product manager role is changing and how you can adapt to build the products of the future.

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AI for PMs part 2

AI Product Development: A Deep Dive into Key Considerations

Learn how to navigate critical issues like bias, black-box nature of some AI algorithms, data security, and why we need to contantly evaluate ML models in production.

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AI for PMs part 1

Beyond the Buzz: AI primer for Product Managers

Learn the key insights every PM should know to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Essential mental models for Product Managers

Unlocking better decision-making by adopting proven mental models. This guide unpacks the top mental frameworks that every Product Manager should know for making smarter decisions.

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Essential reading list for Product Managers

From seasoned experts to aspiring PMs, this list of must-read books covers all the bases. Discover the reads that will sharpen your skills and mindset.

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Top 10 must-have skills for a Product Manager

Discover the essential skills required for excelling as a Product Manager across various organizations.

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Posts on AI/ML

Text Analytics

NLP and text analytics using foundational LLMs

Learn how you can leverage Large Language Models to simplify sentiment analysis, emotion detection, and topic extraction.

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